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VioNex Antimicrobial Liquid Soap is specially formulated to be gentle and non-irritating for health care professionals who handwash 30-50 times per day. It is recommended for use between routine patient contact, procedures, after exposure to potential pathogens and after removal of personal protective equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective germ reduction in 30 seconds
  • Lotion-based formula for extra softness
  • Mild and nondrying to skin, contains conditioners, emollients and softeners
  • Developed for healthcare professionals

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VioNex Liquid Soap - Canada VioNex 18oz 12/cs


VioNex Liquid Soap - Canada VioNex Gallon 4/cs


Wall-Mount Bracket for 18 ounce bottle

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VioNex soap gallon jug


VioNex wall bracket for 18-oz bottles

Circle of Care

The CDC explains that clean hands are the single most important factor in preventing the spread of dangerous germs and antibiotic resistance in health care settings.1 This is why Patient Rooms, Endoscopy and Sterile Processing Departments would be great areas to have VioNex Antimicrobial Liquid Soap.


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