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Infection Prevention Virtual Symposium

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Join us for a free 3-day special virtual event. We are committed to supporting on-going prevention and control needs of our global community despite the ever-changing challenges of in-person education opportunities

Each day is hosted by regions across North America to provide an opportunity to learn and gain perspective on how different areas of the country are managing their roles. All countries and regions are welcome to join every session!

*Certificates of completion from the symposia are eligible for submission as Infection Prevention Units(IPUs) for certified professionals in infection prevention.

Day 1

Reassessing your Hospital Emergency Response Plans
(2 Contact Hours)

Terri Link,
Perioperative Patient Safety Specialist, AORN

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Lecture objectives:
  • Developing a gap assessment and addressing weak areas to the plan
  • Prioritizing, allocating and effective use and training of PPE

Three Panel Discussion: Emergency Response Best Practices & Problem Solving

Lisa Marie Kilgore, MBA-HCM, BSBM, CIC, Corporate Manager of Epidemiology, Scripps Health Corporate Command Center, Scripps Health, Corporate Quality & Patient Safety.

Kymberly Lengyel BSN.CIC. PHN.
Associate Administrator
Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Prevention

Day 2

Collaboration of Infection Prevention with Environmental Services
(2 Contact Hours)

Asif Saiyed,
Director of Infection Prevention,
Doctors Medical Center

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Lecture objectives:
  • Overcoming challenges and leveraging cross-functional clinical and technical expertise to bridging the gap between departmental knowledge
  • Surface disinfection best practices

Three Panel Discussion: Unifying Infection Prevention and EVS during a pandemic

Heather Kloth, MSIPE, BSN, RN, CIC
Infection Prevention, Organizational Improvement

Day 3

The Evolution of Surveillance as a Result of a Pandemic
(2 Contact Hours)

Maureen P. Spencer,
Infection Preventionist Consultant

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Lecture objectives:
  • Discussing the impact of COVID-19 on how we approach HAIs through surveillance
  • Evaluation of respiratory precautions moving forward, and identifying best practices for new standard work

Three Panel Discussion: What does surveillance look like during and post pandemic

Our Partners in Prevention

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