Metrex/ KaVo Kerr is pleased to announce that their microbiology group will be giving a poster presentation at American Society for Microbiology’s 114th General Meeting. The presentation will revolve around a new quantitative method and take place on May 18, 2014 at 10:30AM in Boston, MA. This year’s general meeting will continue to follow the assessment of disinfection efficacy test methods for infection prevention products.

Due to its similar resistance to chemical disinfectants and microbial physiology, Mycobacterium terrae, a slow-growing mycobacteria, is often used as a surrogate for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. International standards recommend this organism for the evaluation of mycobactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. Reducing the incubation time of this mycobacteria can expedite the search for new tuberculocidal agents and provide an opportunity to investigate physiology of mycobacteria.

As a leader in tuberculocidal applications and the biology of Mycobacterium, Metrex has developed a new rapid method for early detection of M. terrae using fluorescent staining technology. The innovative method can reduce the turnaround time by half for the assessment of mycobactericidal activity of disinfectants. O. Borohov, Ph.D, R. Carrier and M. Vu will present important data on a rapid culture-based quantitative method for the early detection of Mycobacterium terrae.

Please visit our Metrex/ KaVo Kerr Poster #109, “New Method for Early Detection of Mycobacterium terrae” at ASM 2014 in Boston to discuss infection prevention and celebrate innovative research with us!

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