For over 30 years, Metrex has led the way in preventing infections, controlling cross-contamination, and ultimately protecting people in the healthcare setting with our lines of infection control solutions. As Metrex continues to grow and innovate, we have updated our look to match our journey. Metrex is officially launching its new logo April 2019.

The branding and packaging will take on a fresh new appearance, yet our trusted reputation, quality of products, and dedicated service will remain the same. With this new update, we will simplify our brand messaging, so focus can be put on providing the best solutions for infection prevention.  As a result, making the name “Metrex” synonymous with infection prevention will come full circle and help guide our vision of a world without preventable healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

When asked about the rebrand, General Manager, Dr. Yatao Liu stated, “We are all very excited about this rebrand. It is more than just a logo change – it’s a change in mentality and tells a simple and specific story of what our future is as a committed infection control provider.”

Our new brand look reflects this commitment—designed to be simple, yet powerful and memorable. The updates to the brand and style guides is the first phase in more exciting things to come from us, and we’re excited to share it with you.

 About Metrex

Metrex is the only company that offers a system of solutions designed to address cross contamination across the entire healthcare facility. The company’s headquarters is in Orange, CA. Metrex also has two manufacturing facilities in Romulus, MI and Jicin, Czech Republic. To learn more about Metrex, please call 800-841-1428, or visit

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Denise Montenegro, Marketing Manager


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