Infection Prevention Preparedness After COVID-19

Metrex is proud to offer a resource page dedicated to infection prevention for the health care community with strategies to pre-plan and ramp back up as facilities begin to reopen post COVID-19

Download the Welcome Back Checklist

Download the Infection Prevention Checklist

Download the Infection Prevention Checklist

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Metrex Infection Prevention Preparedness Program

Metrex Infection Prevention Preparedness Program

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Welcome Back Playbook - Guidance for Reopening Your Facility

Welcome Back Playbook - Guidance for Reopening Your Facility


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Stay up to date on best practices involved in disinfection, sterilization, and industry trends with our on-demand webinars!
Outbreaks Preparedness 101
Join Infection Preventionist Sharon Ward-Fore as she shares her insights regarding outbreaks protocol, surveillance, and answers Q&A in both the nursing home and acute care settings.  With the global emergency threat of the Coronavirus, it is critical to stay calm & informed about actions to take before, and if an outbreak occurs.
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High-Level Disinfection: Strategies for Your Next Survey
Prepare for your next survey before it happens. Find out what surveyors are looking for when it comes to high level disinfection (HLD), a critical area of focus for upcoming surveys. Learn strategies to ensure your department is following guidelines for documentation and disinfection of instruments to avoid citations. Join us for our live webinar and receive guidance from the expert on how to be prepared for your next survey. Watch our on-demand webinar and earn a CE credit!
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Choosing the Right Surface Disinfectant
Listen in on how to choose the right surface disinfectant for your facility. Choosing the right chemistry is important for compatibility, efficacy, and efficiency. Metrex can help you find the right fit along with a quick guide on how to correctly use our family of wipes!
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Training Tools

Metrex is here to help you reach the goal or minimizing disease transmission, protecting healthcare personnel, and preserving the healthcare system by providing these timely training tools.

Pandemic Preparedness in Primary / Post-Acute PPT Care
Language: English (US)
Review this deck for considerations regarding infection prevention preparedness.
Primary / Post-Acute Guide Brochure
Language: English (US)
Access Metrex’s checklist to review a system of solutions to prevent infections in your facility.

Product Information

Our extensive system of solutions is designed to address cross-contamination across the entire healthcare facility.
Click below to learn more about each product line.

Metrex offers several different precleaning products, including the EmPower Foam and EmPower dual enzymatic liquid detergent. These products contain two enzymes and surfactants that are effective in cleaning medical instruments.
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Metrex offers a series of soap and hand hygiene products to help protect against HAIs. Hand Soaps like VioNexus ™ and VioNex ™ support hand hygiene best practices to aid in preventing the spread of germs.
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For 30 years, Metrex has led the way in surface disinfection. When used according to label instructions, our powerful line of CaviCide ™ multipurpose surface disinfectants are effective against TB, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and MRSA.
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With the help of a high level disinfectant, healthcare workers can combat challenges of timely reprocessing. Metrex has created a series of disinfecting products using either ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) or glutaraldehyde for high level disinfection.
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MetriMist ™ is an environmentally friendly alternative to aerosol air fresheners. The sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses; using the right products can significantly improve your patients’ experience and their perception of your healthcare facility.