Proper reusable medical device reprocessing is essential to any facility’s infection prevention program. Use our products to maximize results by integrating the Metrex instrument reprocessing system to prolong the life of your instruments and equipment.

Metrex provides various products for medical device reprocessing, such as enzymatic/detergent cleaners, instrument lubricants, drying agents, and agents for corrosion removal and corrosion protection. We offer products and education for both manual and automatic instrument reprocessing.

No sterilization system can reliably penetrate the bioburden on soiled surgical instruments. This is why the pre-cleaning step is so critical. Automatic medical device reprocessing provides powerful cleaning, which starts in the operating room to prevent debris for drying on instruments. EmPower™ Foam is a ready-to-use spray that starts that the pre-cleaning process. EmPower™ dual-enzymatic detergent saves time during the manual cleaning process by removing organic matter and keeping it off. Other products such as detergents, multi-purpose instrument cleaner and restores shine are also offered to aid in the medical device reprocessing process. Metrex provides a system of solutions with the products necessary for central sterilization in the healthcare environment.


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