• MDROs - A Growing Global Threat in Healthcare and Beyond

    Multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs) are a growing global threat in healthcare and beyond. It’s important to stay vigilant against these bugs even after the pandemic. Join us as we talk about the dangers and implications of these organisms as well as antimicrobial resistance.

  • CaviWipes 2.0 - The Next Generation in Infection Prevention

    Please join us for an on-demand webinar as we introduce CaviWipes 2.0! Effective against 42 pathogens and fully qualified for the EPA's Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim, CaviWipes 2.0 is the next generation in infection prevention.

  • Proper Surface Disinfection & Cleaning: How to Enable Staff

    Please join us for a discussion on lessons learned about how staff has been enabled during a pandemic, and healthcare beyond COVID-19. This interactive session will go over how to bridge the gap with infection prevention and healthcare, and new strategies for EVS.

  • Outbreaks Preparedness 101

    Join Infection Preventionist Sharon Ward-Fore as she shares her insights regarding outbreaks protocol, surveillance, and answers Q&A in both the nursing home and acute care settings. With the global emergency threat of the Coronavirus, it is critical to stay calm & informed about actions to take before, and if an outbreak occurs.

  • High-Level Disinfection: Strategies for Your Next Survey

    Prepare for your next survey before it happens. Find out what surveyors are looking for when it comes to high level disinfection (HLD), a critical area of focus for upcoming surveys. Learn strategies to ensure your department is following guidelines for documentation and disinfection of instruments to avoid citations. Join us for our live webinar and receive guidance from the expert on how to be prepared for your next survey. Watch our on-demand webinar and earn a CE credit!

  • Addressing the Gaps in your Emergency Preparedness Program

    Listen in as industry expert Terri Link discusses suggested strategies in leveraging hospital resources, PPE usage and prioritization guidelines in response to a pandemic.

    2 CE Credit

  • Collaboration of Infection Prevention with Environmental Services (EVS)

    Join Asif Saiyed as he speaks about leveraging cross-functional expertise to overcome challenges that may arise as we adjust to new normal practices in the healthcare setting.

    2 CE Credit

  • Impact of COVID19 on Surveillance

    Learn about typical surveillance patterns prior to the pandemic as well as lessons learned and how surveillance is evolving with Maureen Spencer.

    2 CE Credit

  • Quat vs. High Alcohol in Surface Disinfectants

    Quaternary ammonium compounds (quat) are low alcohol formulations that are commonly found in surface disinfectants, this webinar discusses the history of quat, and how it differs from high alcohol compound surface disinfectants.

  • Choosing the Right Surface Disinfectant

    Listen in on how to choose the right surface disinfectant for your facility. Choosing the right chemistry is important for compatibility, efficacy, and efficiency. Metrex can help you find the right fit along with a quick guide on how to correctly use our family of wipes!

  • MetriCide OPA In-Service + Education on HLDs

    Learn more on high-level disinfection and how to effectively use MetriCide OPA Plus Solution in your facility.
    Note: Joint Commission standard IC.02.02.01 requires initial and on-going competency and trainind of front-line staff, and those with oversight of HLD processes.

  • Point of Use Precleaning: Get the Facts

    Get best practices on pre-cleaning and the impact it has on your instruments to prevent infections. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)[1], pre-cleaning should be performed at the point of use, before bioburden has the opportunity to dry and before complete decontamination.