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  • Guide to Selecting and Using MetriCide® OPA Plus
    Guide to Selecting and Using MetriCide® OPA Plus

    This video demonstrates how MetriCide OPA Plus and EmPower are engineered to work together for ideal instrument reprocessing.
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  • APICC Elimination Guide
    To Bleach or not to Bleach. How do you know?

    APIC's Guide to the Elimination of Clostridium difficle in Healthcare Settings recommend limiting bleach to outbreak situations. There are a number of problems associated with use of bleach, including corrosion and triggering of respiratory difficulties in workers. Download complete APIC Guide.

  • Googles Pro
    New product: Googles Professional Eye Shields

    Introducing new stylish eyewear for the modern health care worker, Google Professional. New eye shields offer larger side coverage for increase infection protection than traditional Googles. Request your sample today.

  • About Metrex Research

    Metrex is the only company that offers a system of infection control solutions designed to address cross contamination through the entire healthcare facility. Metrex will work tirelessly to ensure that all people within all areas of the healthcare environment are properly protected from cross contamination so focus can be put on the most important thing: Getting the patient better. Our products aim for healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention and infection control.

    Medical disinfectant products are more important than ever. Healthcare facilities should be provided with the reassurance that their infection control products are used effectively, actively, and that accurate information is provided about these products. Our products include some of the most well-known names in infection control and HAI prevention, among them CaviCide™, CaviWipes™, MetriCide™, and EmPower™. The face of healthcare has changed, and increased pressures are coming from all angles: increasingly virulent pathogens, downsizing of staff, and heightened compliance scrutiny have people working beyond capacity. Protect your greatest assets, your staff and patients. Trust Metrex for all of your infection control needs.

    Medical disinfectant products are important for everyone in the healthcare environment to assist with HAI prevention. Let us help make HAIs one less thing to worry about.

    Make Metrex your source for infection control. Our products are sold exclusively through distribution. This relationship provides benefits that allow us to focus on what we do best: research and develop infection prevention products, support proper use of these products with educational resources, and provide technical advice and training.

    It's all about Protecting People.