COVID-19 Demand Memo

Due to the global urgent need at medical facilities driven by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing record demand during this time. In order to continue to best serve our customers affected by this pandemic, Metrex has implemented the following actions:

  • Our production facilities have implemented the use of PPE for all shifts and employees are constantly monitored for any signs of illness to prevent any disruption to manufacturing
  • We have hired additional manufacturing team members and added a third shift to our manufacturing locations, which allows us to run production 24/7
  • We have focused and optimized our production to what has the biggest impact helping to combat the spread of COVID-19, mainly wipes, ready to use surface disinfectants, and hand hygiene product lines
  • Our webinar series on Infection Prevention to share insights and best practices from Infection Preventionists
  • An allocation model has been implemented with our authorized distributors to ensure that Metrex can service as many customers as possible in an efficient and effective manner during the pandemic

With all these actions, Metrex is doing the best it can fulfilling the needs of our valued customers. We understand that even with these countermeasures in place, product demand continues to rise. We will continue to fulfill customer orders and implement programs and strategies that increase capacity during this unprecedented time. Metrex thanks you for your continued patience and reliance on our products and services during this time of global uncertainty due to COVID-19.

In these extraordinary times, we are pursuing non-traditional and creative ways to better provide product and support to you.
Let’s continue to work together as a team to ensure that every facility receives what they need.

  • Order only what you need to satisfy demand
  • Work with your Metrex sales representatives and authorized distributor to help prioritize your critical needs
  • Ensure that your staff is well trained and informed about how much product is appropriate to use

Best Regards,
Yatao Liu General Manager, Ph.D, MPH

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