Check Your Equipment Compatibility

Our surface disinfectant solutions are trusted by healthcare facilities worldwide to help prevent infections and cross-contamination. To check which of our disinfection products may be compatible with your medical equipment, you can use our simple and interactive compatibility tool below.

The tool tracks many leading manufacturers and popular types of equipment. You can select the Manufacturer and/or Name of the equipment and/or Metrex product and/or Status, and results will be populated based on your selection. You may also pick one or multiple values for any of these dropdowns. The results can be sorted by manufacturer, equipment, or Metrex product. When no selections are made, the results are displayed in alphabetical order (of the manufacturer’s name, by default).

  • If equipment is marked with a then our information is that this equipment is Compatible. Either our product is listed by name, or the specific type of chemistry is listed in the equipment IFU or manufacturer’s memo.
  • If the equipment marked with , then it is Not Recommended for use.
  • If appears , then no definitive information has been found in the equipment IFU. We recommend that you contact the equipment manufacturer for more information.

While the information provided here is continually updated, and Metrex is constantly working with medical equipment manufacturers for material compatibility testing and IFU inclusion, the tool may not always capture the most current information. If you have any questions or comments or don’t see your equipment on our list, please reach out to us HERE, for assistance and/or to see if we can add your Manufacturer/Equipment to the list. You may also contact the device manufacturer for the most up-to-date data.

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Equipment Product Compatibility Status
Model 3200 CaviWipes1™
Model 3200 CaviWipes™ 2.0
Model 3200 CaviWipes™ HP
Model 3200 CaviWipes™ Bleach
Model 9681 CaviCide™
Model 9681 CaviWipes™
Model 9681 Envirocide™
Model 9681 CaviCide1™
Model 9681 CaviWipes1™
Model 9681 CaviWipes™ 2.0
Model 9681 CaviWipes™ HP
Model 9681 CaviWipes™ Bleach
Elipar Deep cure CaviCide™
Elipar Deep cure CaviWipes™
Elipar Deep cure Envirocide™
Elipar Deep cure CaviCide1™

*Many of the items in the pull-down menus of Manufacturers and Equipment are trademarked by their owners.