Like most people, you probably spend a majority of your weekdays at the office. With the constant interaction and communication, you’re always busy. And so are germs and disease. It seems like they’re always working overtime to foil your health. But you can work smarter.

Follow these 10 tips to help limit those stay-at-home sick days.

Wash your hands. Clean hands are important to maintaining a clean bill of health. A small bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk is a great idea.

Stay hydrated. Water doesn’t dehydrate you, like soda and coffee do.

Avoid sick co-workers. It seems rather obvious, but if Hank in accounting has a bad cough and you need to see him, just send an email instead.

Take small breaks throughout the day. The extra oxygen and activity are helpful in preventing sickness.

Use vacation days. Endless time at the office is more opportunity to come down with an illness.

Do housekeeping. Your janitor doesn’t sanitize everything. Regular (weekly or monthly) cubicle cleaning is encouraged.

Wash your coffee mug regularly. This also goes for other office utensils. Better yet…

Use plastic utensils. And make sure to dispose of them when you’re done.

If you’re already sick, stay home. Your co-workers will thank you.

Supplement at lunchtime. Take a Vitamin C capsule with your hoagie. Add some Omega-3 fish oil to your business meal. Reward your body every now and then – it’s good for your immune system.

If your office happens to be a professional healthcare facility, hospital or clinic, Metrex offers a wide selection of products designed to address cross contamination across each of the 7 critical touch points. For over 25 years, we’ve protected people across the entire healthcare industry.

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