Metrex Research has announced their latest line of multi-purpose cleaning wipes for healthcare facilities. CaviWipes Bleach, the company’s newest disinfectant towelettes, combine convenient one-step cleaning and disinfection into a handy, easy-to-use wipe.


"With the release of CaviWipes Bleach, Metrex is better positioned to help reduce healthcare associated infections" said Jim McGillivary, General Manager of Metrex. "CaviWipes™ brands are already providing doctor’s offices, surgery centers, hospitals and long term care facilities with a reliable, fast and efficient cleaning and disinfectant method. They’re ideal for any medical venue."

Thanks to patent-pending Enhanced Chlorine Technology™ (ECT), CaviWipes Bleach can help reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). They kill 41 microorganisms, including C. difficile spores in only 3 minutes.

"CaviWipes Bleach represents our commitment to innovation," said Metrex associate Denise Montenegro. "We put significant clinical research into CaviWipes Bleach, and the result is a quality sporicidal wipe made to fit the needs of growing healthcare concerns."

Other CaviWipes Bleach features include:

  • Optimal dilution – meet the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended 1:10 bleach dilution.
  • Minimal preparation – no personal protective equipment (PPE)* is required to use CaviWipes Bleach.
  • Versatile application – durable, lint-free wipes are designed for sensitive equipment, countertops and other medical facility surfaces.
  • Low odor - CaviWipes Bleach towelettes emit low bleach odor, while being effective against C. diff spores and other potentially harmful microorganisms.

*Special instructions for Cleaning Prior to Disinfection against Clostridium difficile spores, HIV-1, HBV, HCV.


About Metrex Research

Metrex is the only company that offers a system of solutions designed to address cross contamination across the entire healthcare facility. The company’s headquarters is located in Orange, CA. Metrex also has a manufacturing facility in Romulus, MI. To learn more about t infection prevention best practices, please call 800-841-1428, or visit

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For more information, contact:

Denise Montenegro


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