According to the FDA, adequate medical device reprocessing is vital to protecting patient safety. This applies for both semi-critical, as well as critical medical devices. Proper medical device reprocessing is an essential part of every facility’s infection prevention program. Metrex is proud to offer a full line of reprocessing materials to ensure the safety of your patients.

Use our products as a stand-alone solution or maximize results by using the entire Metrex instrument reprocessing system to prolong the life of your instruments and equipment. Metrex provides various products for medical device reprocessing, such as enzymatic/detergent cleaners, instrument lubricants, drying agents, and agents for corrosion removal and corrosion protection. We offer products and education for both manual and automatic instrument reprocessing. Prior to sterilization or disinfection, it is essential to pre-clean medical instruments to remove biologic materials, like blood, tissue and other body fluids. No sterilization system can reliably penetrate the bioburden on soiled surgical instruments. This is why the pre-cleaning step is so critical. A reliable pre-cleaner that breaks down protein-rich bodily fluids and adheres to AAMI Guidelines2 is essential for instrument reprocessing.

Metrex offers several different precleaning products, including the EmPower Foam and EmPower dual enzymatic liquid detergent. These products contain two enzymes and surfactants that are effective in cleaning medical instruments. The foaming spray is ideal for use in the operating room or sterile processing departments, while the low-foam liquid is ideal for use in automated machines and is gentle on delicate instruments. For stainless steel instruments and cart washers, consider the MetriClean 2, which also removes stains and reduces the risk of corrosion. The MetriWash should be used prior to high-level disinfection, and is appropriate for both manual and automated cleaning systems.

For biostains that are especially difficult to remove, MetriZyme is a dual action enzymatic cleaner that is effective on a variety of proteins. In addition, it contains surfactants to help remove carbohydrates, lipids and other proteins that are difficult to remove manually. For rapid drying of cart and automated washers, the MetriDry drying agent prevents hard water spots and leaves no residue on your instruments. This product can be used on stainless steel, brass, latex, plastic and glass. Metrex also offers the MetriLube, an oil-based lubricant that is used to treat your stainless steel instruments to keep them working like new.

The MetriShine aids in the removal of water scale and mineral deposits that appear after sterilization in an autoclave. In addition, it removes rust, spots and corrosion from your stainless steel instruments, helping you to prolong their life and saving you money. Metrex contains all of the products needed for cleaning medical instruments and medical device reprocessing in the healthcare environment. We are committed to saving you money by extending the life of your equipment and healthcare instruments. Convenience is important to Metrex; we offer all of our reprocessing solutions in a wide assortment of sizes. The products support most washing systems, and are designed to work in tandem to improve effectiveness.


2 ANSI/AAMI ST35:2003. Safe handling and biological decontamination of reusable medical devices in health care facilities and in nonclinical settings. Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. Arlington, VA.