Metrex provides education to healthcare professionals and suppliers on how to use our products properly and maximize infection prevention processes.  Attend one of our Webinar Wednesdays, browse through our SDS list, product literature, and clinical documents to stay informed.

Webinar Wednesdays
(starts at 11 am PST)

Live webinars keep you informed on best practices in intermediate level disinfections and high level disinfection. Webinars contain information the product below, as well as educational tools and resources to use on a day-to-day basis.

MetriCide OPA Plus
45 min + Q&A
Available dates: 
October 3
November 28

Learn more on high-level disinfection and how to effectively use MetriCide OPA Plus Solution in your facility.

Note: Joint Commission standard IC.02.02.01 requires initial and on-going competency and trainind of front-line staff, and those with oversight of HLD processes.

CaviWipes Bleach
20 min + Q&A
Available dates: 
September 5
December 5

Learn more about the newest product from Metrex, CaviWipes Bleach. This is a one-step cleaner cnd disinfectant that is effective against 41 microorganisms. With a 3 minutes contact time - no product kills - c. diff faster.

20 min + Q&A
Available dates: 
November 7

Hear about how to use and surface disinfection best practices. This one-step cleaner and disinfectant with a 1-minute contact time helps support improved compliance, decreased risk of cross contamination, and allows for faster room turnover.

Additional Literature


This is a directory of Material Safety Data Sheets for Metrex family of products.

Product Literature

Get an understanding of our products and how they are likely to fit in your health care facility.

Clinical Information

Resources, such as white papers and articles can be found here.

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